Helical Piers, Helical Anchors, Helical Tiebacks
Atlas has been installing helical pier systems since 1995


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Helical Piers, Helical Anchors, Helical Tiebacks
Helical piers are used for new construction and to support existing structures.  In compression they are used as footers and in tension they may be used to support retaining or foundation walls.  Using a hydraulic motor attached to a backhoe or skid steer, the pier (which is essentially a large screw) is drilled into the earth to a specified depth or until refusal.  It is a fast and easy way to install a foundation system.

The benefits of helical piers include:

- Fast installation

- No shock or vibration

- Economical

- Heavy equipment not required

- Can be installed in confined spaces

- On site load test capability

- Minimum disturbance to site.

- Immediate loading.

- All weather installation.

- Applicable for saturated and/or contaminated soil conditions.


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