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Atlas Helical Piering Systems

Atlas-Helicals offer the following benefits:

  • Fast Installation
  • Lower Installed Cost
  • No Vibration
  • Ease of Installation in Limited Access Areas
  • Minimum Disturbance to Site
  • Immediate Loading
  • Portability
  • All Weather Installation
  • On Site Load Test Capability
  • Reusable in Temporary Tieback or Support Applications

Atlas-Helical Systems.  Atlas-Helical Systems are ideal for stabilizing foundations and slabs built on questionable soil, as well as seismic protection, tieback anchoring, deadman anchoring and fixture anchoring. Atlas-Helical Systems are easily installed even in tight areas and can be used with Atlas Resistance Pier Systems for increased stability. Atlas-Helical Systems are removable and reusable for temporary applications. Manufactured under strict quality standards, they are installed only by authorized contractors.

Atlas-Helical Systems provide stabilization for both new and existing construction and restoration. Installed vertically through problem soils until load-bearing soils are reached, they protect new construction built on marginal soils and serve as underpinning to stabilize and restore slabs damaged by expansive soils, erosion or poorly compacted fill soils. Installed laterally as tiebacks, they can stabilize and restore walls that have been improperly constructed or damaged by poor drainage or expansive soils.

Like Atlas Resistance Pier Systems, Atlas-Helical Systems require little space for installation. They are permanent solutions to wall and foundation problems and have proven not only effective but also economical.

Atlas Resistance Piers and Atlas-Helical Systems are sold and installed by Atlas Foundations of Washington.

Change the course of history. Choose the most economical, lasting solution to settlement problems. Choose Atlas Resistance Piers or Atlas-Helical Systems.

Next time you have a difficult foundation or shoring problem, give us a call.

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Happy Holidays
Atlas Foundations and all of its staff wish you a very happy holiday season.  Be safe and enjoy your family and friends.  We look forward to working with you in 2005.


Atlas Construction Services

Atlas' design and construction services include: Shoring & Underpinning, Micropiling, Resistance Piers, Tieback Solutions, and Helical Piers.


Concrete Underpinning
If you have a conventional concrete underpinning project, we are well suited to the task. Nearly half of our work this year has involved concrete underpinning. If it is necessary to reinforce or support the existing building during construction, no problem. We can design a support system using steel, piers, or tieback anchors.


Titan Micropiles
Did you know that Titan Micopiles can drill through rock and concrete. We have found that Titan micropiles are a very efficient and cost effective method of piling.  For circumstances where you have deep foundations, bedrock, or loads in excess of 40 kips (40,000 lbs), micropiles could be your answer.  Click here to learn more about micropiles.


Certified Minority Business

Atlas is now certified by the SBA's SDB program and MDOT's DBE program.  If you need to increase your minority participation on a project, keep Atlas in mind.


Shoring Emergencies - Structural Failures

We have a registered engineer on staff.  If you have an emergency structural situation on one of your projects, give us a call and we will get out there to take a look.  We can help find a solution, design it, and build it.


Help During Estimating
We know that bidding can be a stressful ordeal, especially when drawings are vague or provide language such as "designed by others."  Before you reach your frustration point, know that Atlas is pleased to help estimators during the bidding process.  We have a registered structural engineer on staff, Ed Perez, PE, who is available to assist you.


Training Seminars

If you are interested in having Atlas conduct an educational foundation and shoring seminar, we would be happy to present to your group.  To learn more, visit our online training agenda or contact us if you would like us to present to you.

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