Resistance Piers
Resistance piers are excellent for supporting failing structures


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Resistance Piers
Resistance piers are used for supporting structures.  Typically they are used to underpin failing structures.  They can be installed from either inside or outside of the building.

How the work.  Resistance piers are steel piers that have an L-shaped bracket that attaches to the underside of an existing wall.  The pier uses the wall as resistance to push a steel pipe into the ground.  Pipe is driven until 1) a required load is achieved (which can be easily determined by identifying the PSF used to drive the pipe), 2) required depth is achieved, or 3) the structure begins to lift.

The steel pier can be left hollow or filled with grout to minimize corrosion.

The benefits of this system include:

- Fast installation

- No shock or vibration

- Economical

- Field verified design load

- Heavy equipment not required

- Can be installed in confined spaces

- Minimum disturbance to site

- Immediate loading

- All weather installation

- Applicable for saturated and/or contaminated soil conditions.

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